Using Multiple Tablets

Using Multiple Tablets

Using Two Or More Tablets For Sign In/Out
Many providers find that they have issues when using multiple tablets for sign in/out. These are often the result of the tablets having out of date attendance records.

In the On-Site App, a data refresh will occur every 30 minute. This downloads all the updated records of attendance, medical conditions etc. However this will only successfully download the data if the device has internet access at the time. If the internet cuts out before a download can be completed, you will have to manually refresh the data by tapping the cloud icon in the top right corner. This will update all the data on the device to sync with aimy Plus.

This will have to be done on all devices in use to keep them up to date with each other, especially if one appears to be having issues during sign out. A good policy is to update all the devices at the start of each session.

One way that these issues can be avoided is by dedicating one device to a group and taking attendance by group. This way each device only needs to be updated at the end so that they all show the correct attendance records.

If there are clashes they should be resolved by refreshing all devices in question. 

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