Updating Item Code and Tracking Categories in Xero

Updating Item Code and Tracking Categories in Xero

There maybe times where it is neccesarry to update item codes or tracking categories in Xero. This could be because a new programme or site has been added that requires new codes in Xero.

The first step is to create all the codes needed in Xero and then Sync the new codes across to aimy Plus.
To sync the new codes across to aimy Plus go to Settings > Invoicing.
Go down to the bottom of the page and you will see a sync Xero code button.
Click the sync Xero code button to sync the new codes created in Xero across to aimy Plus
The sync Xero button should go green after about 4 minutes. 
Once done your new codes will have synced across to aimy Plus.

The second step after syncing the new codes is to update sessions in the programme library.
Go to Tools > Programme library and then for each session that you need to update codes for click edit.
Start with the term programmes and then do the same for holiday programme and special day sessions.

After you have done this any future bookings you get will have the correct Xero codes when they come into the booking manager.

For the existing ones in pending bookings that have come through you can manually change the Xero codes by click the edit Xero code button and then select the correct code
You will then be able to confirm the booking

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