Staff Timesheet

Staff Timesheet

Timesheet shows the clock in and out time of staff members and the times they were rostered on for. The summary tab shows the hours and the days staff members worked.
The current week is shown by default, previous weeks can been seen by cycling through at the top right of the page. The grouping can be changed to group by name or date

Click "Change Paid Hours"  and you will have option to select pay by roster or pay by clock in-out or cancel if you do not wish to make a change
You can then select which staff members to change this for.

 The timesheet can be exported to excel by clicking the export to excel button

Clock in and Clock out times can be edited by Admin if needed to by clicking edit. Edited clock in and clock outs will change the staff profile to blue.

A Report for the Timesheet can be found in the Reporting tab under all reports (use dedicated report server for best speed)

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