Staff Roster

Staff Roster

This is where staff can be added or removed from a roster. Rosters in the past, present and future can be viewed here.
The roster for a week will start of blank when there are no staff rostered on

  • To create a new roster click the Manage Roster button.
  • Select the date range you would like to make the roster for.
  • Select the staff you would like to roster.
  • Staff availability will be shown. Details on how to set up staff availability are available as part of staff management set up here
  • There will be tags for different staff members. A is for Admin, S is for Staff, PS is for the Programme site manager,  D is for driver. Other tags are for if the staff member is over 18 years old or not, if they have police clearance, if the staff member is first aid certified. Each of these tags will be dark if the staff member is under 18, does not have police clearance or is not first aid certified. These tags will be bright if the staff member is over 18, has police clearance and is first aid certified.
  • You can choose to create the roster based on staff availability or not. Selecting yes will roster based on the staff availability. Selecting no will roster only on timeslots selected in the next step
  • Finally you can select what timeslots the staff are to be rostered on and add a reference like BSC. If you selected yes to roster based on staff availability, the roster will fill these timeslots with available staff.
  • Staff can be removed in a similar way to creating just click the remove button instead of create

After clicking save the roster will be created based on the settings entered

You can hover over the times for a staff member on the created roster to either remove the staff member from the timeslot or edit the time by clicking on the pencil. You can do this for days that have not passed yet that the staff member is rosterd on for.

 The view can be changed from the default weekly view by clicking the view dropdown on the top right

Rosters can be copied by selecting a term to copy to from the Tools dropdown. You can then tick which weeks you would like the roster copied to.

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