Site and School Confirmation

Site and School Confirmation

At aimy Plus we value the protection of your data. There are two required confirmations when a parent registers or a child/ren is booked into a site for the first time. 

1. Site Select - Confirmation
A Parent will be required to accept the following statement before being able to proceed with a registration or booking into a new site. 

"I understand that the profile information associated with the child/ren will be shared with, [Site Name]" 
A staff member will only be required to accept this statement when booking into a new site other than the originating site. We only ask the user to do this the first time they register or book into a new site. For existing bookings, we will prompt the parent to accept and confirm this statement the next time they make a booking or a site change.  This only occurs once.

2. School Select Confirmation 
When selecting a school for the first time or when a school selection is changed, a user (Parent or Staff) will now be required to confirm the School Name and Address to assist that the correct school is selected. 

aimy Plus uses the School selection to recommend what sites in your organisation the child should book into and also create's your driver pick up list if applicable.

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