What is the best way to setup Midterm Programmes?

What is the best way to setup Midterm Programmes?

This Really Depends On Your Situation

There are a couple of options as to how you setup your midterm programmes (granted that you run midterm programmes in your country). This article will evaluate the two ways that you can look to set these up.

Holiday Programme Method
This is our recommended way of going about setting up your midterm programmes. This involves splitting your General Term for ASC & BSC to make room for a new term. In this space, you will create a Holiday Term and go about creating a Holiday Programme for your midterms.

  • Can use Holiday Programme features, including flyer
  • Easily set a weekly rate for your programme
  • The term is split into two parts. This will result in two different bookings per term. You will need to confirm these separately in the invoice manager and you cannot have an invoice covering both halves if you are invoicing for the whole term at once.

Special Day Method
This method involves having a single General term and laying exclusion days down over the top of the days that you would like to block parents from booking into your BSC & ASC Programme. Once the Exclusion Days are set, you can then create Special Day programmes, which parents can book into.

  • Single term - this will show in the Booking Manager as one record and you have the ability to bill with one invoice if you want to invoice once per term
  • Cannot use flyer or other Holiday Programme features
  • Cannot set an automatic weekly rate - this will need to be overridden manually

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