The messaging tool in aimy Plus allows admin to communicate to staff and parents through different messaging options.

The messaging tool found under Tools in aimy Plus can be used to send messages to staff and parents. Options for messages include email, SMS (if this is enabled) and dashboard.
You can click in the "To" Field to select contacts or system defined default groups to send to. You can also select from groups created in the contact manager by clicking select group on the right hand side

Creating and Sending messages
After selecting contacts to send to and entering in a subject you can enter your message in the box below. Some basic tools for changing the layout, inserting a link, a picture and changing the font or layout of the message are provided

At the bottom you can insert an attachment (file limits of 4MB), send the message or if it is an email you can click the "send test email" button (This means you can send the email to yourself before sending to staff or parents)

After clicking send there will be a message at the top of the screen saying the message was successfully sent. You can also click "sent messages" at the top of the messaging tool to see if your message was sent

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