Managing Terms from Head Office

Managing Terms from Head Office

You can create terms for all of your sites to access by using the manage terms feature at the head office level. You will be able to create terms for all your sites to access

1-  Make sure you are logged in at the head office level. 
Click on tools -> Manage Terms -> Terms

2- When the Term page opens Click on Add New Term

3- Term page will pop up and the you can enter the following details:
a) Enter name
b) Choose term type either (general or holiday)
c) Select the required date ( From: , To:  )
d) Select Year
e) Click save button to save the applied term.


4- By clicking the save button you’ll go be back to term page and You can check the saved term details there.

The added term will be available at site level when you click create new term when logged in at site level

5- We can also delete selected terms as follow:
a) Click on delete button next to the required term.
b) Pop up message will come to confirm removing the Term
c) Click (ok) button to proceed or (Cancel) button to cancel
Terms can only be deleted if they have no confirmed bookings and the terms are not bookable at any site.
This only deletes a term from head office level. 

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