Is aimyPlus secure?

Is aimyPlus secure?

Yes aimy Plus is secure. 

Security is very important and aimy Plus has a number of security features that will keep your data safe and secure. See the below list of Security features aimy Plus provides.

·  SSL Data Encrypted

All the data communication between your devices and the server are encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

·  Double Backed Up

Our data backups are stored in two separate cloud based databanks in two New Zealand and Australia. This secure environment ensures data is never lost.

·  Mirrored Servers

aimy Plus is mirrored at two geo-locations. This means, in the rare case where one server is down, the mirrored server will be up and running within minutes.

·  Passwords are stored as hashes in the database.

Passwords are always stored as hashes, which cannot be decrypted into the original value. No one (including ourselves) will know the passwords of aimy Plus users - parent or staff. During login, we compare the hashed value to perform authentication. 

·  Password block after 10 tries.

In order to prevent brute force password guessing, we only allow a maximum of 10 retries of passwords. This is so that malicious users would not have a chance to guess passwords.

For additional information about data refer to our privacy policy

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