How can I send a message or notification to all the parents at once?

How can I send a message or notification to all the parents at once?

The AimyPlus Messaging Tool

The 'Messaging Tool' in aimy Plus allows you to send messages to parents or staff, as emails or SMS, as well as the aimy Plus dashboard.
For multi site operators you can use the bulk messaging tool to send messages to all of your sites at once. 

The Messaging Tool sends emails by default but can be set up to send SMS (though charges do apply).
You can send messages to parents by groups such as the parents with children enrolled in a specific program
These groups can be created and managed through the Contact Manager tool in aimy Plus.

If you have multiple sites and want to send a message to all sites at once you can use the bulk messaging tool.
To access the bulk messaging tool go to Tools > Bulk messaging.
For further information about bulk messaging please go to our bulk messaging article

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