Organisation Set Up

Organisation Set Up

Most of a site’s setup is done in Settings. This is also where the network of your sites will show.
The tabs down the side are Network, General Information, Registration, Booking, Billing, Payments, Invoicing, Subsidy, Tablet,  Messaging, Notification, Feeder Schools.

General Information
Go through this tab and enter your site’s details including contact information, lease information and franchisee information(only change this if applicable otherwise leave it blank)
Invoice Frequency/Billing period – Parents can choose depending on options you give them.

Invoice Settings
Invoice Date – choose what populates on the “date” field on the invoice.
Generate Invoice Settings – choose what week and day the invoice generates.
Invoice Due Date Settings – choose what week and day the invoice is due.

Automatic sibling discounts can be set up here on a per programme category basis. 

Late Fees – This will allow you to charge parents for leaving children at your programme before or after the advertised time period. It will not automatically send charges – these need your confirmation.

This allows for online credit card payments through aimy Plus. To use this feature, you will need to set up an account with one of the gateway providers aimy Plus integrates with. Our chosen partner for online payments is EzPay. Once your EzyPay account is set up the aimy Plus team can assit you with the integration.

Payment methods like bank transfer can be added at the bottom of the page by clicking add payment method

Ticking these boxes allows for these communications to be sent from aimy’s Bulk Messaging tool. You would leave one of these unticked if you wanted a staff member to have access, but did not want them to send a certain type of message, e.g. SMS Messaging.

Enter in a master pin (only needed for web based version of the app) and set if photos will be displayed or not. The reason you would hide photos would be that your internet is particularly slow.

Enable customized booking – Unchecking this setting causes parents to be limited to only book into Booking Templates.
Booking Info – Notes written here display to parents when they come to make a booking. Make sure the "publish” box is ticked when the message is ready for parents to see and click save down the bottom

Feeder Schools,
If bookings or driver pickups are done from outside the main school the programme runs from then they can be added here by clicking the add feeder school button.

Enter in your WINZ number if you have been OSCAR approved.

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