Feeder Schools

Feeder Schools

This function allows you to attach other schools to your site, for example you may pick up kids from a local school by van and bring them to your main site - this is called a feeder school.  By adding feeder schools, children who enrol from those schools will be directed to book at your site.

To add feeder schools to your site follow the below steps:
1. Go to Settings  > Feeder schools
2. Select Add Feeder School button

3. Select the name of your site (Please search for your site name – don’t just type your own) It should automatically be on the correct site but change if needed
4. Search for your feeder school. 
5. Tick the check box “allow pick up” if you operate a pick service to this school, either by van or walking bus.  
6. Enter notes if required.
7 . Save at the bottom of the page

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