Edit mutliple chidren in a booking

Edit mutliple chidren in a booking

When a booking is made with multiple children there are times when the booking needs to be changed for only some children. This feature allows the editing of the sessions for only the children that need to be changed. This features applies to bookings made during the term for before or after school care.

To edit a booking that has multiple children go to the booking manager and click "Edit booking" next to a booking that you would like to edit with multiple children.
The booking screen will appear. You can select all children if you want to edit the sessions for all of the children or you can select just the children you want to change the sessions for. You will only be able to edit the sessions for the children you select the other children that are not selected will have their sessions inactive for editing.
Individual session can be removed by clicking the small X in the top right hand corner of a session. Multiple days can be removed by clicking remove bookings, where you can enter in a date range of sessions to remove.
Click "Change booking type" to change the booking for a child.

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