Creating Special Day Programmes

Creating Special Day Programmes

There are a few steps to ensure that your Special Days are set up correctly, so we decided to make this step by step guide to ensure you are maximising your care on the coming Teachers Strike and any future special days.

The setup for this can be found under Tools > Programme Library > Special Programme. This will show any Special Programmes that have previously been set up and allows you to create new Special Days. If you have your desired special day is already set up, skip steps 1 and 2. 

1. Firstly, make sure that the correct sessions are set up for this day. To check this, click on "Edit Sessions". This will bring up the below view.

Your goal here is to create a session for each possible length of care needed by your parents (Ex: 7am-3pm, 7am-6pm, 9am-6pm… etc.) This will allow parents who don't normally book after school to book the school day with added ASC or BSC hours. For your parents that are already booked into BSC/ASC, you will want them to book in only for the school day slot (9am-3pm). If all of the sessions match your desired Special Day details, go to step 2. If you are missing a few, click on the "Add New Session" button and create a session. Make sure that you set the display order numbers so that they don’t clash or overlap.

2.  Once your session is set up, click on "Add New Special Programme" to create a Special Programme.

Go down the page and fill out the programme details.

3.  Depending on when your special day finishes you may want to change the way sign in and sign out is done.

If your special day started in the morning and finished at midday you may want to have the sign in as parent (signature) and the sign out done by roll call (on-site staff). If your special day started at midday and finished later in the afternoon you may want to set the sign in to rollcall (since the kids already on site) and the sign out by parents (signature)

The default has both sign in and out methods as a roll call (on-site staff).

4. If you want to put an age restriction on your programme you can select age restriction to enter an age restriction for the programme. Children that are outside of this age range will not be able to be booked in. If you are happy with no age restriction for your programme you can select the no age restriction option. The age range for the activity is calculated on the date the activity is on. This means children that are booked in to the programme must be between the age range selected for that activity when the booking is made.

5. When you get to the part of the page that requires you to select session, choose the session that you want to be offered to parents for your Special Day.

Make Special Programme Bookable

You will now be required to make the programme bookable. To do this go to Tools > Term Planning.

Select "Manage Programme" beside the Term that the Special Day will fall in.

Click across to the "Special Programme" tab.

Click on "Make Bookable" beside your programme.

Select the date (specific or range) and click "Assign

Your programme will now be available for parents to book into.

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