Communicating with Parents

Communicating with Parents

This article explains the recommended process for communicating with your parents regarding how they can access aimy Plus.

We have created an email template to help you in the communication with your parents, you can view it here. This is a generic template and we recommend that you customise this template to match each of the different scenarios listed below that you may encounter. Make sure you have a good look of this template to see how parents are expected to use aimy Plus. Also, feel free to change the wording and branding of these emails to match your company's preference.

Emailing Ahead of Time
We recommend that you email parents regarding aimy Plus ahead of time. The reason for this is simply to inform them that you will be changing systems and what they can expect. We recommend sending this email 2- 4 weeks before you open bookings for your site.

Social Media Links
When you decide to open your bookings to parents, we recommend that you switch over the links from your website and social media accounts. These links will usually be in the form of a "Book Now" or "Enrol" button. Simply link these to your aimy Plus portal URL. Parents will then be directed to your aimy Plus portal to register/book when they click through.
You can also include this video for mobile booking for parents.

Emailing on Booking Open Date
Parents without an aimy Plus Profile
We recommend that you email parents when you would like to make your programmes live and have parents booking in. If parents do not have a registered account in aimy Plus, we recommend that you instruct them to go ahead and register an account with aimy Plus. This can be done by clicking on the large purple Register button at the bottom of the login page.

Parents with Imported Profiles
If we have carried out an import to get parents into the system, you will need to make sure that parents can reset their passwords to login. The way this can be achieved is by clicking the "I forgot" button on the aimy Plus login page. Sending an email to the address that is linked to the account will allow parents to reset their password and login to their portal. 

Parents with Existing aimy Plus Profiles
If parents have an aimy Plus profile from attending another programme that uses aimy Plus, they will be able to login with the same login details. Just note that you need to ensure parents are logging into YOUR portal, and not the portal of the previously attended programme. This is determined by the Portal URL and will influence which sites are offered to book into.

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