Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging

 To ensure customer engagement is easier and more efficient across your sites you can use the Bulk Messaging feature to send the same message across all of your sites at once

You can find Bulk messaging in Tools -> Marketing Tools > Bulks Messaging
Step 1. Choose sites -  you are able to send communications out to parents across multiple sites within the same business unit. This can be done from any site, given the user has access to the other sites they are sending messages to.
Step 2. Choose recipients - send to those who made bookings for a certain Programme Category (e.g. After School Care), in a certain time period (e.g. 1st - 28th February), and with a certain booking status (e.g. confirmed). Click on 'View Parents Count' to find out how many parents above selection covers.     

Step 3. Choose delivery method - send via or SMS. Contacts first and last names are provided as placeholders to personalise the message. Please note that when it comes to SMS, normal charges apply and message is limited to 160 characters.  

Step 4. Send a test email/SMS or launch the campaign now.


You can send attachments

Attachments can be added by clicking the insert attachment link. There is a file size limit of 4MB on attachments

View Bulk messaging history
You can view bulk messaging history of the messages you have sent by going to tools > bulk messaging history.

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