Batch (Roll Over) Booking

Batch (Roll Over) Booking

This feature allows the ability to bulk book children who were booked into previous terms. This is an easy way to roll-over bookings from one Term to the next. This feature is found under Tools > Batch Booking.

Please note: This feature only allows for bulk rollovers if they have the exact same booking as all the children that are being booked together. The reason for this is that you will setup Templates to book into, so all will have the exact same booking if booked together.

We do have the ability to book in children individually through this feature, but it does not act as a rollover - this is more of a rebooking feature. This will require you to manually create a booking for a child that resembles/replicated their last term's one.

For Before and After school batch booking you will need to have fast booking templates set up.
For holiday programmes you will need the next term's holiday programme set up

How to use Batch (Roll Over) Booking 

First, select the appropriate Term from the drop-down box.
This will show a list of all children that have been booked into that Term. Non Template bookings and bookings made through a booking template will be listed for the term selected.

Select children, you want to batch book by ticking the box on the right-hand side of their name or if you want to batch book all children listed tick the checkbox in the top right hand corner.
After you have selected the children you want to batch book click the "Start Batching Booking" button.

For Before school care and After school care you will be able to select from a list of available fast booking templates to batch book the selected children into. For holiday programmes you will be able to select the days/weeks you want to batch book the children in for. Click book on the option you would like to use to batch book the children into

After school template

Holiday template

On the right-hand side, aimy Plus will display a list of all the children that are about to be booked into the selected programme.
At the top, the booking details will be displayed, followed by the payment frequency
Scroll down the page and select Click on "Proceed to Book"

A booking confirmation screen will appear and if all the details are correct click "Proceed my booking".
The bookings will show in the booking manager in pending bookings for the term the children were batch booked for.

A list of bookings that have been batched booked can be found in batch booking by clicking on " List of rolled over" at the bottom of the page

Bookings can be marked as roll over intended and added to the default parent roll over list for future bookings either in the booking manager or in batch booking
To mark a parent's booking as roll over intended in the booking manager click "Add to rollover"
A confirmation screen will appear to confirm that you want to add the parent to the booking roll over intended list.

You can also remove a parent from the roll over intended list by clicking " Remove from Rollover" in the booking manager

Parent's can also be added to the roll over list in batch booking
This can be done by clicking on NO in the add to roll over column
A confirmation screen will appear after clicking. The NO will also change to a YES

View default rollover parents

A list of all parents on the default roll over list can be viewed in batch booking by clicking on the "Default Rollover Parents" buttons
Parents can also be added to the list by clicking "Add new record".

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