Archiving Parents and Children

Archiving Parents and Children

Archiving makes it easy to keep your child and parent records tidy
Archiving a child hides their profile but does not delete the records. This is useful for keeping the profiles of parents and children on file, while not cluttering aimy Plus with profiles that are not actively using your programme.

To archive a Parent, simply navigate to Parents > Parent Management, and click on the profile drop down of the parent you wish to archive and click "archive", as seen in the images below.
We suggest that you archive children by parents as archiving one parent will archive all the child(ren) of that parent. This helps keep your Parent Management clean and easier to maintain.

If you wish to archive a single child and not their siblings, such as a child that is too old for a programme, the same process can be done in "Child Management".
Please note that Children with bookings in the current term or a future term cannot be archived.

Bulk archiving of Children

You can bulk archive children in aimy Plus through child management. In child management you will see an archivable list button which you can click to see a list of children you can archive.
You can also restore profiles that you have archived as well also from the child management page. 

NB: Archivable children are defined as those who have no active bookings (including pending bookings) for current and any future terms. They will be automatically unarchived in the event that family makes a booking in the future.

Benefits of archiving non-attending children:
Potential cost savings on your monthly subscription fees by only paying for active accounts.
More up to date information in the system. 

How to bulk archive: 
Step 1: Child Management > Archivable List


Step 2: Tick the 'tick-box' in the top left-hand corner to select all archivable children within this site. You can deselect anyone who you would like to keep as active accounts. Once satisfied with the highlighted list, click on the "Archive Selected Children" button to proceed. All selected child profiles on the page will then be archived once this has been completed.


How to restore archived accounts: 
Step 1: Child Management > Archived List 


Step 2: Click on the "Restore" button located on the far right hand side of the child profile name

Unarchiving Parent and Child Profiles

All archived profiles remain in the system and a parent or staff member can book an archived child, although this will restore them to the active list. Also, once the booking is confirmed it will prevent them from being archived again until after the end of that term. 

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