aimy Plus Admin App Overview

aimy Plus Admin App Overview

The aimy Plus admin app allows you to run your program on site with from a tablet device with the added ability to with certain functions to operate on or off wifi / connection to the internet.
While this app will work on a phone device, it has been optimized for a better user experience on a tablet with a 8inch screen or larger

Admin app

You can download the admin app from the apple app store or from the google play store. 
For apple devices the IOS version must be 8.0 or higher. For android devices android version 5.0 or higher

After installing the app you will see the aimyPlus icon on your homescreen
click the aimy Plus icon to open the app and login

On certain pages in the app you will be asked to enter a pin number. This pin number is the one that was created when your staff profile was created. 

The Admin app has the following features which you can read more about in the links below

Pickup. Allows for roll call to be taken by the driver when collecting children. 

Drop off. Allow for roll call to be taken by the driver when dropping off children

Head Count
Allows admin to take additional roll calls for circumstances like excursions and fire drills.

Sign In
Sign In roll call taken by Site Staff.

Sign Out
Parents Sign Out their children. 

Child info 
Displays list of information entered in for a child's profile

A function to manually download the latest information to the tablet. Note that the tablet will sync latest information every 30 mins when connected to wifi.

Add Notes
Notes can be left for site staff or for a specific child for chosen days, times and programmes.

Clock in/out 
Allows rostered staff to clock in and out

Allows staff to be added to the roster or check their own roster

Bookings can be made and confirmed straight from the App

Daily Summary
View the Summary of the day including children attending and any attached notes

Missing Signature
Allows parents to sign for any unsigned attendance records that they have

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