Admin App Settings

Admin App Settings

The settings page of the admin app allows you to set up the app to function the way you need it to.

Admin App Settings

The settings for the admin app can be accessed by clicking on settings icon  while on the homescreen of the admin app. 

On this page you will be able to :
  • see who is currently logged in on the app
  • change site
  • set the parent sign in or parent sign out pages to lock (note: this function is a recommended security feature especially if your device is typically left unattended during sign in/out times)
  • set driver pick up and drop off filter to list by programs or classrooms.

Security Timeout
This sets how long until the screen is locked and a staff member will need to enter their pin to unlock the tablet.
This feature means every action is logged against a particular staff user.
Using the 'Exception Pages' function will mean these pages will not auto lock at set interval 

Driver settings
This determines what your display will be on the driver pick up and dropoff. The options are either by classroom or by programme

Change Pin
The change pin feature gives the user the ability to change their pin easily.

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