Admin App Child Info

Admin App Child Info

There might be times were it is necessary to look up child information such as Emergency contacts, Medical Info, Authorised and Unauthorised pickups on site. This can be done through using the child info page on the tablet

Child info

The child info page will allow access to information entered into the child profile to be seen onsite by staff.
This page can be accessed by clicking on child info from the app homescreen

A list of children will be displayed with an indication if there is a room number, medical conditions or non authorised pickups
Clicking on a child will show any information that has been entered into their profile.
For added security the staff user will be required to enter their pin. This will only work if they have been given the correct permissions in staff management

Please note the tabs for Child profile information, Medical conditions, Child contact and Unauthorised picks up are all selectable form the child info page

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